Ballpoint Pens

The art of writing is one of the pillars on which the brand's reputation has been built. Symbol of elegance and refinement, the high-end S.T. Dupont ballpoint pens belong to the heritage of chic claimed by the company since its creation. A real gem, the ballpoint pen combines the quality of rare materials with a highly studied design. Clean or finely chiseled, each pen pays homage to the pleasure of writing.

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Luxury ballpoint pens: Discover the pleasure of writing

The Art of Writing is one of the pillars that has built the brand’s reputation. A symbol of elegance and refinement, S.T. Dupont’s premium ballpoint pens embody the chic heritage asserted by the brand since its creation. The ballpoint pen combines the quality of rare materials with carefully studied design to produce a true gem. Whether sleek or intricately chiselled, each pen pays homage to the joy of writing.

The culture of luxury

Jackie Kennedy, who was never too far away from her Ligne 2 lighter, asked for a pen to be designed in a similar style. The company duly granted the First Lady’s request, resulting in the brand’s first prestigious ballpoint pen, which drew inspiration from the lighter’s curved silhouette. The model has since become iconic, with the body’s motifs and cap revisited for designing lighters. This could also make these luxury items highly personal.

Personalised premium touches for luxury pens

The exquisite detail and craftsmanship sparked interest among collectors. Each collection proudly showcased the flair and expertise of luxury craftspeople. Soon came the Diamond Head cap on the emblematic Line D and Sword pens. The sword-shaped clip is inspired by the words of English writer Edward Bulwer-Lytton: “The pen is mightier than a sword”. It is adorned with the brand’s signature in the form of a lacquer crest, a perfectly mastered traditional technique requiring excellent poise. A firm and soft tip provide easy and smooth writing to effortlessly fill a blank page.

Ballpoint pens for the discerning collector

S.T. Dupont ballpoint pen collections are ideal for keen writing enthusiasts. Their design has been crafted for the perfect grip. The softness of the lacquer makes the models even more pleasant to the touch allowing you to become one with the pen. Words escape through the ink and letters are formed with fluidity and softness. The Défi is the finest of its kind. As intricate as a jet plane, its precision offers a unique experience. Its finishing touches are all produced by hand by master artisans with the expertise and technology to manufacture luxury ballpoint pens. A symbol of beauty, these writing implements are made to last and can also be engrave by our experts. Engraving is carried out upon request in our workshops and can be done on the body of the pen or the case.

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