To complete the Universe of cigar lovers the maison is launching cigar accessories to become your one stop destination for all lifestyle products centered around the Art of Fire Cigar ashtrays have always been symbols of male presence often hefty and bulky lacking colors.

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Deluxe cigar ashtrays by S.T. Dupont

Each decoration element has its importance to create a sophisticated ambience in your house or office. Cigar aficionados have thus selected the most beautiful accessories to fully make the most of their passion. Our Maison has designed lighters, lighter cases and cigar ashtrays as one of its specialities. You can bring a smoking lounge ambience to your living room or office thanks to our innovation. These small objects are highly refined and also provide many services each day. True to our excellent reputation, we have put in everything to offer a prestigious cigar ashtray to enhance your interior space.

A sleek design in tune with the times

At S.T. Dupont, noble materials and premium finishes are a given. Our passionate artisans showcase their talent in their creations to guarantee an unmatched result. Each line is carefully designed, and each material rigorously selected. Our catalogue is varied and also includes prestigious pens as well as leather cases, watches and ashtrays. All of these items have one thing in common: their timeless elegance. As such, whatever your taste, you’ll be taken in by the harmony and attention to detail demonstrated in each one of our designs.

Tailored ashtrays: An essential to make the most of your cigar break

Great accessories highly contribute to small rituals. Therefore, a cigar is much more enjoyable if you have a specially designed ashtray at hand. This includes specific properties. It is completely made of curved material, allowing you to perfectly hold your cigar in place. There is no risk of it rolling onto the side or sinking in the middle of the ash. Thanks to its generous size, you can use it many times before having to empty it. Our Maison also makes life easier with maintenance accessories so that you can cherish your items for years to come.

S.T. Dupont: The standard in the world of luxury

We are renowned globally thanks to our know-how and unique sense of style à la française. Indulge in our cigar accessories with exceptional quality or surprise a loved one with a luxury S.T. Dupont ashtray. This gift is also a great idea for a partner or client that loves Havana cigars. Many companies have called on our services to prepare the most memorable business gifts.

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