S.T. Dupont Slim 7 Lighters

To light your cigar with the luxurious S.T. Dupont Slim 7 lighter, hold it a few centimetres from the flame and delicately turn it to light the circumference of the base. This distance is required to produce an even flame over your cigar or any other object. The Slim 7 model with a single torch flame is so powerful that it is wind resistant. This lightweight, flat and ultra-thin lighter is a luxury model to slip into your hands. It can easily be stowed away in an S.T. Dupont lighter case, which will keep it safe in your pocket or bag.

Feel the difference

Owning and using the lighter gives you a sense of ease and confidence. With a refined elegance, each lighter from the Slim 7 collection is emblematic of the Maison’s prestige and magnificent craftsmanship. You can find excellent design, comfort and sophistication in this original design that will not go unnoticed.

Designs gleaming with status

The Slim 7 is a remarkable object for day-to-day use. Developed by artisans with exceptional technical know-how, the Maison’s solid reputation is only matched by the praise given to each design, including this prestigious cigar lighter. Extremely flat, it also has a thin flame and weighs just 45 g and measures 7 mm.

Prestigious and diverse models

Would you choose a full-body brushed gold, full-body brushed metal, brushed gunmetal, brushed chrome, full-body shiny chrome or space white finish? Or how about something completely different? Explore our range of premium lighters and choose the unique design that best suits you. Dare to try something new or offer these coveted items as gifts.

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