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For almost 150 years, S.T. Dupont has been synonymous with luxury – combining creativity, uncompromising quality and unique expertise passed down from generation to generation.


As Napoleon III’s photographer and a pioneering spirit with a keen eye for aesthetics, in 1872, aged just 25, Simon Tissot Dupont opened his first leatherwork shop in Paris. His personalised travel trunks soon became the ultimate accessory for Europe’s elite. The leading shops of the late nineteenth century, such as the Grand Magasins du Louvre, selected him as a supplier, and personalities such as Eugénie de Montijo ordered her vanity case from Dupont.


Lucien and André, Simon Tissot Dupont’s sons, took the reins in 1919 and decided in 1924 to move the Parisian workshop to the family home in Faverges, in Haute-Savoie. With the new workshop located beside Lake Annecy, Europe’s purest lake, S.T. Dupont products are manufactured in one of France’s most remarkable natural environments.

The brand behind kings, queens, and shapers of time


Just as Simon Tissot-Dupont decided to create the most beautiful luggage of his day, our craftsmen select the finest leathers, exclusively from France, Italy, Spain, according to the strictest criteria: evenness, suppleness, strength and finesse. All the processes, from cutting to sewing, are performed by hand with meticulous attention paid to every detail for perfect finishing.

As Master Trunk-Makers since 1872, we combine artisanal expertise with modern design to create travel pieces that are both functional and timeless.

Where Time-Honored Craftsmanship Meets Modern Mastery


The goldsmith’s art has always played an important role in the creation of S.T. Dupont objects. Whether delicately stamped, engraved, chiselled, hand-guillochéd or crafted using the latest digital techniques, noble and precious metals bend to the patient efforts of the master goldsmiths who decorate them with sophisticated motifs. S.T. Dupont objects reflect the Maison’s unique expertise and passion

As Master Goldsmiths, we meld ancient techniques with modern innovation, crafting pieces of enduring quality and unmatched elegance.

The Essence of Excellence, Trusted by Generations


Georges Novossiltzeff, First Master lacquerer, introduced Chinese lacquer to the Maison in 1935. Over the years, the drive for perfection and innovation, as well as carefully monitored research on different types of lacquer led to what we know today as the ST DUPONT laquers.

Mastering the art of lacquering, we infuse centuries-old craftsmanship with innovation, achieving unparalleled finish and depth in each exquisite creation.

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