Creative tribute to the artistic scene

Style resides in the streets! Honouring S.T. Dupont's creative spirit and its historical ties with artists, including Picasso, the Graff'ty collection draws inspiration from street art, transforming lighters and pens into veritable works of art.

The art of graffiti redefined

Graffiti, the art of transgression, reimagines urban fixtures and everyday objects as canvases for expression. By elevating the ordinary and transcending institutional boundaries, S.T. Dupont demonstrates its boldness. Moving beyond the museum, our creations bridge street art and contemporary design, providing a new canvas for artistic expression. Vibrant colours and mosaics of red, yellow, and blue flourish on models like Ligne 2, Biggy, Line D Eternity, and cigar accessories (ashtray, cigar cutter, case).

Metallic details in guilloche

Atop the lighters and on the caps of the pens, the legendary S.T. Dupont guilloche adopts an oblique form, responding in metal to the precise details of our multicoloured lacquer graffiti. A true symphony of textures and colours that resonates with the unique character of each piece.

An invitation to creativity

Each item in the Graff'ty collection invites the bearer to ignite the flame of creativity. A call to redefine everyday spaces through art and personal expression.

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