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Discover the services available for the maintenance of S.T. DUPONT products.

Let yourself be seduced by our artisanal know-how and our refined heritage, which make us a true reference in the world of luxury.

You can contact the S.T. Dupont after-sales service:

By e-mail:

By telephone: +44 33 08 08 78 44

- Monday to Saturday: 09 a.m. - 09 p.m.

The S.T. Dupont After-Sales service reliably ensures the intervention carried out, covering parts and labor for a period of 12 months from the date of leaving our repair workshop. For timelessly elegant models more than 10 years old, the pieces may no longer be available.

In this case, your dedicated After-Sales Service representative will present you with an alternative solution, designed with the same concern for perfection.

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The revision

Revision is essential to maintain the excellence of your lighter.

This step encompasses complete optimization, ensuring optimal performance. We recondition , replacing internal functional parts such as the regulator, valve, flapper, seals and knob. Each lighter benefits from meticulous cleaning of the exterior surfaces, eliminating all traces of wear.

Finally, our rigorous quality control ensures that each lighter meets our high standards, checking appearance, detecting leaks and testing function. It includes the following steps: Restoring the operation of your lighter. Functional parts are replaced. Internal parts: regulator, valve, valve, seals, knob, etc. Cleaning of visible surfaces. Quality control (appearance, leaks, operation).


Restoration goes beyond simple revision.

It encompasses all the previous steps, but adds an aesthetic dimension. We replace external parts that have suffered wear over time: bonnet bottom plate, lock, bottom cap and bonnet pin. These replacements ensure that your lighter not only works perfectly, but also looks brand new.

Gently polishing the exterior restores your lighter to its original shine, making it shine like the first day. It includes the following steps: Includes all stages of revision. Replacement of external parts to improve aesthetics: bonnet bottom plate, lock, bottom cap, bonnet pin. Delicate polishing of the exterior to restore luster and shine.

Replating Option

The replating option is a luxury step, reserved for “L1, L2, LD” and “old” models. It includes all stages of restoration, but adds a precious metallic finish.

We replate the exterior surfaces with gold or silver, depending on the original. However, this option is not available for lacquer pieces.

Please note that some of our products, such as Minijet, Maxijet, MegajetSlim7, E-Slim, The Wand, Defi Extrême and Défi Xxtrême, cannot be repaired. In the event of a defect, they will be replaced by an identical model.

Writing instruments

The revision

Revision of your writing instrument is a crucial step to ensure its longevity and performance.

We are committed to restoring, making it as efficient as new. Functional parts, such as the ball/lead mechanism, clamp, click system and refill, are replaced as necessary. Each instrument benefits from a thorough cleaning of visible surfaces, removing any traces of wear or dirt. Our rigorous quality control ensures that each instrument meets our high standards for appearance, leak detection and function.

It includes the following steps: Restoration of the functioning of your writing instrument equivalent to that of the new one. Replacement of functional parts (ball/mine mechanism, pliers, snap-in, refill). Cleaning visible surfaces. Quality control (appearance, leaks, operation).

Parts change option

Parts change option is available based on availability of specific parts.

If external parts, such as the sheath, cap or clip, are defective, we offer replacement. It is essential to note that this option generates an additional cost, which is not included in the standard revision rate. We always strive to provide genuine replacement parts to preserve the integrity and value of your writing instrument.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we ensure that each instrument is restored to its best condition.

Replating option

The replating option is a luxurious finishing step, available after careful analysis of your writing instrument.

This option includes all steps of the standard review. Then we proceed to replace the exterior surfaces with a precious metal deposit. However, this finish is reserved exclusively for pieces initially plated in gold or silver. Lacquer pieces are not eligible for this option.

Replating restores your instrument to its original luster, making it shine and reflect the quality and prestige of its brand.

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