S.T. Dupont cigar Humidors

The Maison S.T. Dupont has always been the wise choice for French sophistication combined with ultimate personalisation. Its prestigious collections express this love for fine objects, the quality materials sourced and their impeccable features. Each of these creations will be a delight for those who use them. Both highly functional and beautiful, S.T. Dupont cigar humidors have been produced with these values in mind using precious wood free from any defects. As a finishing touch, they feature the meticulously engraved brand name, a symbol of French luxury.

Carefully selected wood

To truly appreciate a cigar, it must be preserved in optimum conditions to allow the Cuban tobacco leaves to release each and every subtlety of their aromas. Our artisans have selected mahogany and cedar to make these boxes thanks to their conservation properties to perfectly maintain the required temperature and humidity to store Havana cigars and cigarillos for months, or even years, without altering their taste. Cedar and mahogany both protect against pests and add a delicate scent to the cigars. The wood lacquering, amber-toned graining and satin finish provide a unique lustre that beautifully contrasts the natural wood colour to showcase your cigar collection. The case is completed with a plaque fixed to the front. On it, the name of the brand is elegantly engraved, ensuring quality and refinement unique to these exceptional accessories. It will blend in flawlessly on your living room table or a shelf in your reading room, highlighting the sophistication of a contemporary or classic interior.

Humidity and temperature controller

Inside these remarkably designed models are a hygrometric controller, humidity indicator and separator. These elements ensure optimal cigar and cigarillo storage, are sourced from the best manufacturers and are renowned for their quality. Cigars and cigarillos maintain the right humidity, no matter which compartment they are stored in. These cigar humidors have all the features that are undeniably essential for quality cigars.

The world of Cuban cigars

Connoisseurs can complete this superb storage box with a black lacquer torch lighter. The black lacquer wrapped around the Le Grand Cohiba or Ligne 2 Derby models emphasises the depth and brilliant shine of the colour black, while the yellow gold Derby version evokes warm mahogany tones. As an ultimate finishing touch, the brand’s matching cigar cutters can create a totally coordinated set, a tribute to the fine art of living that the French brand has advocated since its creation. Indulging in a cigar housed in a magnificent case undoubtedly enhances the experience. With such aesthetic and technical qualities, cigar humidors manufactured by the Maison’s artisans are a perfect demonstration of how storage compartments are just as important as their contents to accentuate the experience and share moments of pure pleasure.

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