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In 1872, Simon Tissot Dupont established a luggage and leather goods workshop, and began to produce a steady stream of exceptional products for the highest social circles. His vision was the Art of Travel, accompanied by trunks and luggage with a personal touch in every detail.

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S.T. Dupont’s leather goods: Luxury free of ostentation

The Maison S.T. Dupont is renowned in the French luxury leather goods industry. Its collections of bags for travel and fashion accessories for men have become essentials that fine object aficionados will love for their quality and flawless finishes.

From trunks to backpacks: The world of premium bags

Men’s luxury leather goods became the first speciality where the brand made a mark for its excellence. Its founder Simon Tissot Dupont created the first line of bags in the Parisian workshops. Soon, travel suitcases personalised with the initials of their owner could be spotted around the entire city. In 1947, Humphrey Bogart asked expert artisans to design a practical travel bag for his flights. The baggage collection was launched and saw its style develop over time. The Duchess of Windsor Audrey Hepburn was among the Maison’s prestigious clients. With real leather city bags for men and women, briefcases and document holders, S.T. Dupont’s range of bags and accessories for men stand out for their refinement and signature avant-garde design.

Premium, timeless collections made by hand

Whether you prefer the subtlety of the Atelier line, the bold, fashionable design of the Line D Laser, or Croco Dandy’s prestige, each men’s leather goods collection has a strong identity. All the know-how of these luxury craftspeople is consolidated into manufacturing a travel bag or pen case. The selection of materials, quality of skins and attention to the finish are testament to the excellence of the brand’s collections. Since it was established, the Maison S.T. Dupont has worked closely with the greatest talents to ensure the longevity of its luxury items.

Men’s luxury leather goods: Flawless manufacturing

The Maison’s workshops have continued diamond tanning, giving the leather resistance and a unique finish. The long-standing tradition and heritage of such techniques adopted by 17 trades have not stopped their development to suit contemporary lifestyles. The Défi briefcase features a tablet and phone holder. This multifunctional backpack and briefcase will suit young tech enthusiasts and business professionals alike. Both are sure to fall for the charm of the unique and deeply satisfying “Cling” when using a pen from their pen case — a fitting tradition for all generations.

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