Magical gifts from S.T. Dupont

Put some unique designs under the tree this year

Delight your loved ones at Christmas by slipping some luxury accessories selected by S.T. Dupont under the tree. Our historic brand was founded in 1872 by Savoyard Simon Tissot-Dupont in his Parisian workshop. Today, the Maison offers unique, prestigious designs from our beautiful collections of lighters, writing instruments, leather goods and accessories. Choose from an array of luxury Christmas gift ideas for everyone who values the quality and symbolism of an exquisite object. S.T. Dupont is well known for fine materials, precise and flawless design, and the reliability and durability of our accessories. Peruse our wide variety of useful, aesthetic items to find inspiration for the perfect Christmas gift for your parents or friends. We are known for our nearly century-long expertise in leather goods. And our Maison has also made a name through our exquisite lighters, which follow in the tradition of the first gold lighter gift added to one of our prestigious cases in 1939. The first S.T. Dupont pen was developed in 1973 and was known as the “Classique”. Today, it is available in several gift-ready rollerball and fountain models with the same subtle, elegant style. Find the perfect refined gift idea for the holiday season!

Lighters and smoking accessories: quintessential luxury Christmas gifts

A pocket lighter is the ideal luxury Christmas gift that combines aesthetics, symbolism, practical utility and discretion. A lighter is far from an impersonal gift. Choose an elegant, refined version and it will likely become the recipient’s favourite signature item. Gifting a lighter means giving something that will last, since all of S.T. Dupont’s luxury lighter models are refillable and designed for long-term use. Made in France at our historic production facility in Faverges, they carry on the tradition of a product that played a key role in building the Maison’s reputation. S.T. Dupont’s selection of pocket lighters is an ideal luxury gift idea thanks to the wide range of sporty models with sleek designs and matt black or red colouring, as well as very sophisticated versions – true gems cut to resemble a Parisian mansion. An S.T. Dupont lighter is a timeless luxury gift that symbolises the brand. It also represents impeccable functionality, expert engineering, perfect ergonomics and weight, elegance and reliability. We carry many premium smoking accessories that also make excellent Christmas gifts, including ashtrays, cigar cutters crafted like jewels, leather lighter cases and cigar humidors with digital humidity control.

Leather goods: an essential luxury gift idea

Leather goods are rightfully considered an indispensable luxury Christmas gift idea since they are distinguished by age-old savoir-faire. Bags and other leather goods were the main items crafted in Simon Tissot-Dupont’s Parisian workshop in 1872. They continue to make the company famous around the world. Leather accessories are a durable, functional and elegant gift idea. A travel bag invites the recipient on a voyage, while a document holder, city bag or delicate pouch is a call to everyday luxury. S.T. Dupont offers an inspiring range of luxury gift ideas in our premium, handmade leather collections. From pen cases to travel bags, each piece is carefully made and stands out due to its refined design available in subdued or bold styles suited to every taste. S.T. Dupont’s workshops continue the ancestral tradition of diamond tanning that gives the leather its impeccable finish and incomparable resistance. The Maison’s savoir-faire is also evident in a wide range of leather accessories that also make lovely gift ideas, including leather pen pots, belts, pen cases, notebook covers, desk pads, cigar humidors, and lighter and cigar cases.

Pens by S.T. Dupont: the brand of excellence for your luxury gift

S.T. Dupont pens have also been iconic products for the Maison since the first model was created in 1973. They are much more than writing instruments. Their functionality and reliability are elevated by their high-end, decorative qualities. These items will last for a lifetime, adding finesse to the recipient’s writing and weight to their signature. S.T. Dupont pens are made by the best goldsmiths and lacquerers. They come in subdued and colourful collections featuring modern and classic designs inspired by antique and futurist styles. All of S.T. Dupont’s ballpoint and fountain pens are made to last, so they are refillable. You can find other luxury gift ideas in the writing universe to gift with or without a pen, such as matching cases, embossed notebooks, desk pads and pen pots. We have everything you need to create inspiring sets for your loved ones!

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