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Celebrate the end of year season with our selection of men's pieces. Our selection will allow you to choose from the latest collections of the House: leather goods, pens, accessories and lighters.

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Luxury gift ideas for men in their thirties

Turning 30 is a milestone in a man’s life. Thirty-somethings need luxury men’s gifts that are stylish, distinguished, and a success symbol. S.T. Dupont first proved its excellence with its leather goods and today our creations have become iconic. High quality, flawless finishes, detailed leatherwork… nothing is left to chance in our workshops. If you are looking for the ideal luxury gift for the thirty-something-year-old man in your life, you can rely on our superb leather pieces. For something he can use throughout his career, why not combine luxury and practicality and opt for one of our document holders. The perfect mix of tradition and avant-gardism, they showcase the brand’s values and those of the men who carry them with confidence and style. With classic and more modern options, you are free to choose from our numerous handmade collections. With these timeless pieces, you’ll find something for everyone who takes pride in their appearance. Once you have chosen your document holder, why not associate it with another men’s gift idea, such as a wallet, for example. S.T. Dupont’s selection of small accessories includes numerous luxury gift ideas for men. Take a look at our collections of premium leather goods.

Luxury gift ideas for men in their forties

If you’re in need of a luxury gift idea for the forty-something-year-old man in your life, add to his collection of business accessories with an S.T. Dupont 14-carat solid gold fountain pen. Our pens ensure a flawless and chic signature, to help their owners really stand out at key moments in their lives. Their curved angles ensure incomparably comfortable, smooth and neat writing, to make a real difference on paper and in your hand. More than just a practical item, fountain pens are a symbol of culture and success. S.T. Dupont’s collections have something for all writing styles, as they also include beautiful ballpoint and rollerball pens. You could also add in one of our cases, designed using the finest materials, to safely protect our pens in style so your recipient can keep his new treasure safe until the next special occasion. This set would make a great luxury Christmas present for men.

Luxury gift ideas for men in their fifties

If you’re looking for the ideal chic men’s gift, look no further than our S.T. Dupont belts with fine metalwork testament to the brand’s excellence. Much more than just a belt, this work of art would make the perfect luxury present for the fifty-something-year-old man in your life. We drew upon our impeccable savoir-faire to craft this essential for every man’s wardrobe, which combines metalwork, lacquering and trunk-making skills. A luxury men’s gift that is useful, stylish and timeless. An essential accessory and the central piece of an outfit for all men who like to take care of their appearance, a belt is the ultimate luxury gift idea. The buckles are delicately hand crafted with palladium, platinum or gilded in fine gold for a beautiful, high-quality result. Whether for a work meeting or a smart casual party, all our collections have what it takes to elevate his outfit with a prestigious, classy touch. Our fasteners are designed to suit all sizes and these belts save space when travelling, as you can instantly change the colour of the two-tone strap to go with each of your outfits. A practical, premium piece for an impeccable result.

Luxury gift ideas for men in their sixties

Made with exceptional materials, S.T. Dupont has the ideal accessory for a luxury present for the sixty-something-year-old man in your life: cufflinks. At an age where men want to show off their success and stature, this luxury men’s gift is sure to complete a chic and sophisticated aesthetic. This distinctive symbol is undoubtedly the most luxurious accessory a man can wear. Cufflinks that have been carefully designed by S.T. Dupont will help him elevate and personalise all his outfits. There is a pair of cufflinks for every personality and every occasion, which is why our wide collection of different styles includes varied and unique designs and colours. For a harmonious look, he can opt to match it with his shoes and favourite belt. Engraved graphic shapes on yellow gold, stunning lapis lazuli enhanced with lacquered metal… you’ll find the ideal luxury men’s gift for every distinguished gentleman.

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