The Golden grain Silver finishing
The Golden grain Silver finishing
The Golden grain Silver finishing

Launch of the famous “Ligne 2”. Its success will make it the iconic S.T.Dupont lighter.
The “Cling” which causes its opening is a true sign of recognition among insiders
Each lighter needs 600 operations, 300 controls, 70 parts and 100 hours of work to be made.


Guilloché is a silversmithing effect that consists of tracing corrugated and parallel lines or that weave symetrically on a object with a specific tool (mostly, it is a diamond shaped tool). This exceptional piece comes from the archives of our House. It is in perfect working order. However, despite all our precautions, it may present some imperfections of aspect. Associated refill : Yellow (000432) Dimensions : 38.21x62.30x11 mm

ref: RS150LI028