The Wand Lighters

An exceptional lighter, designed as a real magic wand, after more than a year of consultation with various prestigious candle houses. This marvelous home decorative object gives you ideal lighting for both indoor and outdoor ambiance.

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Practical and elegant table lighters

Both functional and decorative, our table lighter can be showcased in any reception area as well as at home and in hotels, restaurants, or bars. True to the quality of products in our Maison, the S.T. Dupont table lighter is the ideal present to give someone special, no matter the occasion.

A refined collector’s item suitable for everyday use

S.T. Dupont will add a touch of sophistication to your interiors with this chic, elegant and ergonomic piece. The S.T. Dupont table lighter features a sleek and refined design. In addition to being refillable, it has been designed in a range of colours. Our artisans have worked to make the model user-friendly for maximum efficiency. The body is composed of premium materials, with high-quality metal that is smooth to the touch. Its finish will add a resoundingly sophisticated ambience to your space. The elongated spout of this table lighter facilitates ease of use and the power of the mighty blue flame to light your candles in an instant. The lighter is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use for a calming and romantic mood each day.

All the prestige of S.T. Dupont in a table lighter

The Maison S.T. Dupont is famous not only for its travel accessories and fashion products, but also for producing the most renowned luxury lighter. Founded in 1872 in Paris, the capital of elegance par excellence, the brand is an expert in premium accessories derived from its French heritage and traditions. The sharp details, craftsmanship and fine materials in each lighter are the definition of perfection and luxury. Each of the brand’s items is a unique and precious piece.

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